NFSQAL Company Headquarters

NFSQAL Headquarters October 1999 October 1999


NFSQAL Yello Roadstar August 2002 
Larger - Murphy business partnerships begin August 8, 2002. Suzuki franchise acquired August 29, 2003, then sold January 31, 2004.

NFSQAL SOLD-DEC. 21, 2005: Foreclosure Case No. 04CVE09-607 October 2004Buckeye International Logo

SOLD-DEC. 21, 2005: Foreclosure Case No. 04CVE09-607
Successful bidder is Investment Land Holdings, Inc., which is owned by Gilman D. Kirk, Jr. Robert J. Murphy's longtime "business partner, mentor, agent, and friend." Murphy and I became business partners August 8, 2002, on August 29, 2003 we became a Suzuki franchise dealer in two Central Ohio locations. (The preceding are matters of public record.)
On September 11, 2003 They attempted to take over the buildings and businesses that I had been developing since 1974. The result of our 9-11 meeting was that all businesses were ultimately shut down, assets depleted and the NFSQAL H.Q. property was forced into foreclosure, while in contract to a competitive buyer for 1.9M, June 2004 . Zac Kirk now (2007) has the building listed for $1.9M+ and originally (2006) had Murphy listed as seller's agent.
Buying property in foreclosure is a necessary function in our economy: To run a business into foreclosure , to remove from founding investors and working partners, is another matter entirely!
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